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European Style Nymphing

The technique is to fish inordinately heavy flies on specialied leaders. The flies are not actually casted, instead, they are flicked to the location desired, then fished in a high stick fashiom. No fly line is actually casted. If you haven't seen this done, it doesn't seem like it would be productive. However, a client of ours recently reported getting double hook-ups on his first two casts on a recent outing. Also, he generally produces double digits on most short outings of just a couple of hours.

These flies require tungsten beads. Sometimes multiple beads to overcome stream flows. Also, flies with smooth coatings are used to overcome resistance to sinking. These are called perdigon flies. The originator calls for epoxy coatings. We have found that UV cure nail care products also work well.

Common ESN flies include peeping caddis, carrot top, frenchies (in various color combinations), darts, and of course, perdigon flies in a variety of midge patterns, and zebra midges in particular. Bead colors include black, silver, gold, copper, white, and a range of the new colored tungsten beads from Firehole Outdoors.

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